Kino Lumière October 23. – 25.



Ingmar Bergman and His Legacy

Interdisciplinary film and theatre seminar

On the occasion of his centenary, the Cabinet of Audiovisual Dramatic Arts is organising a seminar dedicated to the cinematic, dramatic and literary work of Ingmar Bergman, in collaboration with the Slovak Film Institute, Film Europe and other partners.

The main guest of this year’s seminar is film historian and director of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation in Stockholm, Jan Holmberg, who will present an introduction to the opening screening of Wild Strawberries and deliver a master class on Bergman intended for film scholars, students and the public at large.

Other guests at the seminar will include Prof. Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová with a lecture on Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander, literary theorist and writer Július Vanovič, who will address the topic of religiosity in Bergman’s oeuvre, as well as two prominent Slovak psychiatrists MUDr. Peter Breier and MUDr. Jozef Hašto, who will present an analysis of Bergman’s work through the lens of his final television interview.  The programme will also include a panel discussion on the stage tradition of Bergman’s plays in Czech and Slovak theatres, screenings of selected feature and documentary films, as well as screenings of stage productions.

The seminar will be accompanied by a theatrical performance of a student production by DAMU Prague, Summer with Monika, which will premiere on 25 October at 7 p.m. in Studio 12 in Bratislava, under the auspices of the Theatre Institute.